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Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower Review

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower Review
Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower Review

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Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower Review

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The Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower is well-constructed, offers 12 workout programs, including 7 preset programs that will automatically adjust the magnetic tension to maximize your cardiovascular workout without interruption, a highly functional computer monitor, and more.


The Avari has 12 built-in workout programs to choose from, including 6 cardio Profiles, 4 Custom user programs and 1 Manual program. While all these programs are effective at what they designed for and add a good deal of variety to your workout, our favorite program has to be the Heart rate one, as it automatically adjusts the magnetic tension according to the heart rate detected by the included chest strap.

There are also 7 preset programs that are designed to automatically adjust the magnetic tension to maximize your cardiovascular workout without interruption.


There are a good range of resistance levels to choose from, and the resistance is magnetic, not water-based. While magnetic resistance systems are unable to offer the lifelike feel of water-based resistance rowers, their advantage lies in giving you the ability to easily control the level of resistance exactly to your liking. In fact, the popular Concept2 rowers use the exact same resistance system.


The Stamina Avari Rower ticks all of the right boxes when it comes to comfort. The seat is molded and quite well-padded; it also glides smoothly along its rail. The extruded aluminum beam is well-designed, as it provides a smooth movement through the drive and recovery phases of your stroke -i.e. everything is kept consistent and there are no jerky motions.

The handlebar is also well-padded so not to give you blisters or tire out your arms and hands as easily, and the foot rests feature velcro straps to securely keep your feet in place as you row.

Computer Monitor

Stamina Avari Rower Computer Monitor
Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower Review

The computer monitor tracks time, distance, stroke count, strokes per minute, calories burned, watts and pulse. As your pulse is recorded via a chest strap and not contact heart rate grips, the readings are much more accurate.

This is certainly gives the Avari an edge over other similarly priced rowers, particularly as some don’t even give you the option to measure your pulse. Adjusting the level of resistance, workout time, programs etc is achieved at the touch of a button.


Wheels can be found on the bottom of the Stamina Avari Rower for ease of portability and storage purposes.


The Stamina Avari Rower is backed by a 3-year frame and 90-day parts warranty, which is a little short of the warranty the Stamina 1215 is backed by.


53″ Length x 23″ Width x 26″ Height

88 lbs (shipping weight)

Stamina Avari Rower User Reviews

The Avari only has a few reviews to its name, but they have all been positive. Users feel that the rower is well-constructed and very sturdy, which comes as a bit of a surprise considering its small footprint. Its comfort can’t be faulted with the well-padded handlebar, footrests and seat either.

The rower’s range of workout programs and especially its ability to automatically adjust the resistance level are well-liked, as are the custom programs.

There are only couple of complaints, both of which are minor. According to one user, a gel seat cover would’ve been a nice addition, as would somewhere to place an iPhone or iPod.

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Any Complaints?

There’s nothing really to complain about. However, if we were being fussy we would say that the feedback could be displayed in a darker color and bigger font to make it easier to read. It’s hard to fault the comfort of the seat too much, particularly as its more comfortable than most other rowers. In fact, rowing machine seats tend to be up there with upright exercise bikes in regards to just how uncomfortable they typically are, so Stamina have done a good job with the Avari.

Anything Else You Should Know?

While our one complaint is that the computer console could be easier to read, the Avari more than makes up for this in other areas and is therefore well worth considering, particularly if space for exercise equipment is an issue.

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