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Stamina CPS 9190 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

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Exercise bikes have always offered people a way to enjoy a low impact, cardiovascular workout in the comfort of their own home. However, over the past decade, thanks to the strides that have been made in fitness equipment technology, many manufacturers have placed more of an emphasis on equipping their machines with technological features at the expense of quality.

More often than not, these tend to be nothing more than a novelty, yet we are charged a premium for the privilege. The Stamina CPS 9190 (along with the Stamina 1300), on the other hand, is an exercise bike that has gone back to basics.


The flywheel is actually on the light side for an exercise bike, and the general consensus is that the heavier the flywheel the better. However, despite the flywheel only weighing 22 pounds, Stamina have still managed to make sure that the bike is both stable and sturdy and offers a smooth cycling experience.


It is always a bit of surprise when you find non-adjustable exercise bikes – the manufacturer is simply losing sales when it doesn’t design its bikes to be adjustable. Thankfully, the Stamina CPS 9190 features a horizontally and vertically adjustable seat, in addition to the no-slip, adjustable handlebars, so to cater to a wide range of users; although, some users may still find the bike to be a little on the small side – see Any Complaints.

The shoe clips are also adjustable, so you can get into a comfortable riding position, regardless of the size of your feet.


The CPS 9190 features a wide range of resistance settings that can be adjusted through the easy-to-turn adjustment knob, which can be found just above the water bottle holder.

On the whole, the resistance levels do a good job of providing a challenging workout, whatever your fitness level or cycling experience may be.


Considering its price, the CPS 9190 is surprisingly very well constructed. It has a rigid steel construction, so you know that it will last for years to come, and the stability of the bike allows you to stand up and pedal – just like a spin bike should.

The handlebars and seat are both solid and when locked in place they do not move an inch. All this results in a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is about 50 pounds more than many other spin bike in this price range.


Wheels can be found on the bottom of the bike for easy transportability, which is refreshing to see, as many manufacturers who produce heavier bikes do not equip their bikes with wheels – the Stamina CPS 9190 weighs just shy of 76 pounds.


This bike comes with a 3-year frame and 90-day parts warranty.


49 x 19 x 36.8 inches

75.5 pounds


At first look, the CPS 9190 seems to have received a somewhat average rating. However, this is because there are currently only 10 reviews available to read online and one user rated the bike 1 star, based on his experience with the delivery process and not the product, bringing the average rating down.

However, the majority of users have praised the bike’s value for money, construction quality, ease of assembly and most importantly the quality of the workout received. The biggest complaint seems to be in regards to the bike’s comfort.

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There are a few things to complain about, although they are minor.

While the handlebars and seat are adjustable, those of you are who over 6’ 4” may feel as if the CPS 9190 is a little on the small side.

The seat is quite hard, which results in a sore behind if you use the bike for hours at a time. However, having said that, the CPS 9190 is a spin bike, so you really shouldn’t be sitting down that often.

As the bike is chain driven, you can hear the chain as you cycle, similar to the noise a real bike makes. However, the noise isn’t too loud, and if you watch TV or music as you work out it shouldn’t disturb you.


All you need to know is that the Stamina CPS 9190 makes a very strong argument as to why the traditional, old-school designed exercise bikes are better – and this isn’t just coming from a purist’s point of view.

You are able to enjoy an effective muscle building/fat burning workout without having to constantly worry that the electronics will break, and therefore are assured that the CPS 9190 can take a beating.

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