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Stamina Rowing MachinesMany people would argue that Stamina is the go-to manufacturer of inexpensive exercise equipment, and the company’s line of rowing machines is no exception. None of its rowers are priced higher than $500, yet the quality and performance doesn’t suffer. With such low prices, though, areas like the warranty and LCD display do suffer though.


Value for Money – People on a budget looking for a rowing machine to work out on in the comfort of their own home, usually have to settle for a model that is mostly unheard of in the industry. Fortunately, Stamina is the exception as their focus is and has always been on inexpensive, quality exercise equipment.

Construction Quality – You might expect many of the components to have been manufactured from plastic parts. While this is true with the guide rails, the most important component – the frame – has been manufactured from aluminum and steel.

Resistance – Stamina equip their machines with several resistance settings, enabling both the unfit and very fit to find an easy or challenging enough setting to suit their needs.

Assembly – As the rowers do not have as complex inner workings found on high-end rowers, they are typically easy to assembly. Another plus is how the machines have a small footprint and therefore do not take up a lot of space.


Warranty – With such low-priced rowers, the warranty inevitable suffers. The company’s cheapest rowers are typically backed by a 1-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts, and the more expensive ones by a 5-year frame and 90-day parts warranty.

Computer Monitor – The computer monitors tend to be hard to read, as small font is used to display the workout stats. Besides this, as is the case with any other budget rowers the readings are inaccurate.


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