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Stamina SpaceMate Folding Stepper
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The Stamina Spacemate is a well designed and built stepper for it’s price. It is able to provide most users with a good cardio workout without having to leave the comfort of their home. The adjustable resistance levels ensures that this stepper will grow with your fitness levels helping you to lose weight and become fitter when used on a regular basis. Because it takes up little space it is ideal for both apartments and smaller homes.


Because this is a stepper, it may cause people with knee joint problems some discomfort when on a higher resistance levels. However, the majority of people experience no pain when using this stepper and state that the Stamina spacemate is actually fun to use.

Workout Programs

The Spacemate does not come with any workout programs however, it does have a computer that measures the number of steps, calories burned and gives other information making it possible for you to devise your own workout program to increase your fitness level and stamina.

Stride Length

No where does there seem to be any mention of the actual stride length for this machine. However, people ranging in height from 5’2” to 6′ have reported using this stepper with no complaints about the stride length being insufficient to meet their needs.

Resistance Levels

Although the Spacemate descriptions do mention adjustable resistance levels, there is no official number of resistance levels given. However, a couple of reviewers do suggest that this stepper has 12 or 13 different resistance levels you can choose from.


This portable stepper comes with a 1 year limited manufacturers warranty


                                                                                                      30.25” X 15.25” X 54.50”

                                                                                               User Weight Limit is 250 pounds


There are reviews for the Stamina Stepper scattered all over the Internet and looking at the reviews from various sites this stepper earns from slightly above average to good overall ratings. Most reviews do seem to feel that this stepper is a good value for it’s price and that it provides them with as challenging of a workout as they desire. They also feel that this piece of exercise equipment is quite sturdy, folds up nicely, and that it is fairly easy to get replacement parts for most anything that happens to break. Overall most users get several months to 2 or 3 years use out of this stepper for the cost of two months of a gym membership


There are some complaints concerning this stepper you need to be aware of. First the computer that tracks steps and calories burned works infrequently on many of these steppers, and the machine squeaks and the hydraulics tend not to last as long as most people would like.


For the price of the Stamina Spacemate users shouldn’t expect this budget machine to last them for years. However, even a few months using this stepper can increase your fitness and help you to shed pounds and is a good value all things considered.

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