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Stay Fit and Live Longer: The Benefits of Water Aerobics

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We have talked about water aerobic training before, focusing especially on water aerobics accessories and exercises, but our readers wanted to know more about the overall health benefits of this body workout type. While it is commonly associated with pregnant women and the elder population, water aerobics is a great way to keep your body fit and your state of health at optimum levels at any age. Let’s see some of the most important benefits you can enjoy if you start a water aerobics program.

Body, Mind and Soul

It may sound a bit corny, but water aerobics have an overall positive effect not only over your bodies, but over our mind and soul as well. Swimming and water aerobics make the top stress relievers according to health and sports specialists. The fact is water aerobics last longer and are more beneficial than land exercise as they don’t pressure the joints, the muscles and the bones. In other words, water sports don’t lead to pain or tight muscles. Psychology studies showed that water aerobics have good results in reducing anxiety, depression or stress in women and men alike.

Overall Health Benefits

One of the top health benefits of water aerobics is that they reduce the incidence of chronic illnesses if you practice up to three hours a week. Other incredible health benefits are as follows:

  1. They build physical endurance: they use the natural water resistance (which is higher than weight pulling and pushing) – the body has to work through the water and not against it and this requires effort, energy, coordination and all your muscle groups.
  2. They strengthen your muscular system: studies show that regular water aerobics exercises lead to significant improvements in muscle strength, flexibility, agility, and body coordination. Water is flowing all around you when you work out and all your muscle groups and bones are involved.
  3. They help you lose weight: water resistance aerobics helps you burn calories just as if you’d do serious cardio training and a gym session. Of course, you can add weights, cardio water aerobics accessories, and a pair of high quality aquatic exercise dumbbells, or weight belts to get even a more powerful workout. On an average, the body can burn 400 calories in an hour of medium intensity exercise.
  4. They lower blood pressure: the water flow, its buoyancy and natural resistance is not only healthy for your muscles and bones. Water works well on your vascular system, improving your cardio-vascular blood flow and lowering the blood pressure. In turn, this has amazing effects on your heart, which will rest better and feel less strained.
  5. They help you deal better with the heat: if you suffer from heat this is a very good type of athletic exercise to keep you fit and healthy. Water cools down your body and regulates your body temperature in a natural way, especially if you can’t stand the summer scorching sunrays. You can practice water aerobics all year long and feel refreshed every time you step out of the pool!

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water aerobics

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