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Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews
Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews

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Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews

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The Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike (pink/grey) falls into the budget exercise bike category. But that isn’t to say that it is a low quality machine. On the contrary, it has many things going for it, including its compactness, durability and workout effectiveness; however, a couple of things could certainly be improved upon; although, at this price we can’t afford to be too picky.

8 Resistance Levels

This is the area in which the bike can be improved upon. Some fitness fanatics may find the adjustable magnetic resistance system to be a little weak, but it should suffice for the average person, and provide enough of a challenge to meet your short term and long term fitness goals.

Changing the resistance level is a simple process thanks to the easy-to-turn adjustment knob, which allows you to switch between 8 different resistance settings.

Very Compact

Measuring just 32 x 19.5 x 46 inches, and weighing just 35 pounds, the Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike is likely to snugly fit into anyone’s home, however little space you may have for exercise equipment. The folding frame also makes things easy when it comes to storage. Yet, despite the small footprint, it’s still sturdy enough to not wobble when you work out.


Sunny state that they have included a “well-padded seat” for comfort; unfortunately, we found that this was not the case. While the seat isn’t incredibly uncomfortable, it certainly could have been more padded. At least the seat is adjustable, though, to accommodate users of all heights.

Thankfully, the non-skid pedals with straps do not suffer from this problem, keeping your feet firmly and comfortably in place as you cycle.


The display is basic in its functionality, but should provide enough feedback for most. Feedback includes calories burned, distance, speed and time. There isn’t much else to say apart from the readings are accurate and the display is easy-to-read.

Easy TransportationSunny Folding Recumbent Bike Foldable Design

Wheels can be found on the back of the bike for easy transportation. Even though the bike only weighs 35 pounds, and therefore shouldn’t be a struggle to move, it is still nice to see this feature.


The Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike comes with a 1 year frame and 90-day parts warranty.


32 x 19.5 x 46 inches

41 pounds

User Reviews

Consumers have stated that they like the fact that the bike is so compact, quiet when in operation, as well as the range of resistance settings – but with one caveat (see below). However, some users have had bad things to say about the seat.

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Any Complaints?

There are a couple of things to complain about. One is that the seat is quite uncomfortable, so it is recommended that you either place a pillow on the seat or buy a gel seat cover. The other problem is the resistance. The resistance is a little on the weak side, even on the highest setting, so if you are a serious cyclist or very fit you may want to look at another bike.

Anything Else You Should Know?

All you need to know is that the Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike is a good choice for those with space constraints, or for the budget-conscious exerciser. While the resistance is a bit weak and the bike is unable to boast a range of technological features found on more expensive bikes, it is a well-constructed, reliable piece of equipment that allows you to exercise effectively in the comfort of your own home. And for this price, you would struggle to do better.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike Reviews

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