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Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar Review

Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar Review
Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar Review

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The Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar is equipped with many of the same features which are found on larger, more expensive steppers, such as a handlebar (also check out the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper), but in a much smaller package.

It is very reasonably priced, comfortable, well constructed and has a unique twisting motion that has resulted in it being a consumer’s favorite.

Heavy-Duty Construction

In this price range, you usually wouldn’t expect a stepper to be well-constructed. Fortunately, the Sunny Twister Stepper is the exception thanks to its heavy duty steel frame which means that it can withstand frequent use.

Furthermore, the rubberized grips, which are non-slip, do a good job of providing you with just that little bit more cushion for your workout.


Many steppers in this price range also do not come with a handlebar to help you keep your balance as you work out. Without a handlebar, it is easy to lose balance as you shift your weight from one foot to the other. Fortunately, this stepper comes with a fully adjustable handlebar, so it can be used by anyone, regardless of their height.

Low Impact Workout

On the whole, steppers are able to offer a very low impact yet effective workout. While the Sunny Twister Stepper is no exception, it offers users that little bit extra thanks to its unique motion that gives your body a small twist as you work out. This twisting motion helps tone your buttocks and thighs more effectively than other models, in addition to putting less strain on your joints and bones.

LCD Display

The LCD display provides feedback on total time spent working out, calories burned and total steps taken. While there is nothing particularly special about the display, all you need to know is that the feedback is accurate.


19 by 17 by 48 inches

28 pounds

Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar Review by Users

In spite of its low price, the Sunny Twister has been very well received, with users praising the ease of assembly, construction quality, as well as the effectiveness of the workout. However, a couple of users have complained about a slight squeaking noise.

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Any Complaints?

Besides the slight squeaking noise (which can be eliminated by applying WD-40), there isn’t much to complain about, especially if you consider the price. However, the LCD display is on the plain side in its appearance and does not feature a heart rate tracker.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Overall, the Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar is perfect for those who are on a budget and are looking for an effective, low impact workout. The twisting motion is its real selling point, as you can target and tone the thighs and buttocks very effectively.


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