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Supermat Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat For Cardio Fitness Products (2.5” x 5″)

Supermat Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat For Cardio Fitness Products (2.5” x 5")

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While home exercise equipment are convenient for those who want to maintain their fitnesses without having to go to a gym, these heavy pieces of equipment can damage your floors leaving them scratched and stained from sweat. In addition of this equipment has a tendy to wander when in use making them less that safe on just any type of flooring. The Supermat Heavy duty P.V.C. Mat for cardio fitness products helps to keep your gym equipment from wandering while providing protection for your floors at an extremely affordable price.

Features of the Supermat Heavy Duty Mat for Cardio Fitness Products

This supermat is a black mat designed to protect your floors from damage, so as you would imagine this mat is not going to loaded with features. However the features it does have are enough to get the job done.

  • Mat measures 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long
  • Cushioned enough to protect floors from heavy exercise equipment and thin enough not to be bulky
  • Cleans with just a damp cloth
  • Convenient size will fit any room in the house and is perfect for most types of home exercise equipment and general aerobics.
  • Muffles equipment noise and dampens vibrations which helps to reduce wear and tear on machines as well as your floor.

The supermat Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat is a simple addition to the home gym. This mat can be underneath a variety of different exercise equipment including bikes, towers, eliptical machines, treadmills and weight benches. It has even been use by people who jump on concrete to help reduce the impact jumping causes.

Users Take

Most users who purchased this supermat gave it high ratings and stated that it does what it is designed for and does it quite well. They liked the fact that this mat just fits under most exercise equipment and doesn’t leave a lot of mat to spare which helps keep their home looking neat and tidy and more like a home rather than a gym. Here are some of the benefits users found when using this mat.

  • Non Slip Surface

    Users like that this mat stays where it is put, and helps to keep their exercise equipment from moving as well. They simply feel far more comfortable when the equipment they are using stays in one place.

  • Good Cushioning

    While the mat is somewhat thinner than most people thought it would be, they state that it has good cushioning and in the majority of cases protects their floors from damage which is just what they want it to do.

  • Dampen Noise

    Users also feel that this mat does a fair job of dampening noise especially for those whose workout machines are on wood or concrete flooring.


A few users did find that this mat would peel and even rip. However, this was the exception rather than rule. Also it should be noted that a few people complained the mat had a chemical smell so you might want to air it out of doors for a few days before using it inside.

Overall this mat does everything you would a mat of this type to do and does it well, which is why some of the users went back and purchased one or two more to use under other exercise equipment.

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