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The Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline for Home Exercise

The Health Benefits of Using a Trampoline for Home Exercise

Trampoline for Home Exercise

When was the last time you jumped and bounced on a trampoline, inside the house or in an outdoor environment? Was it childhood many years ago or the gym last week? We have talked about many home exercises and their health benefits and we have discussed plenty of sports indoors accessories. This time, however, we will take a look at the trampoline, not as a child’s plaything, but as an adult’s cardio and weight loss enhancer.

What Is so Great About a Trampoline for Home Exercise?

First things first, a high-quality folding trampoline is a piece of equipment everybody should have at home to bounce back to health and joy of life. This may sound like a joke, but it isn’t. Health experts, professional fitness trainers and psychologists all agree: the trampoline is three times more beneficial than running or jogging. Here is why:

  • It strengthens your heart, blood flow and the health of your cardiovascular system
  • It increases your oxygen capacity and the proper flow of oxygen to your system, the brain, and the tissues
  • It also stimulates the circulation of lymph at all levels
  • It stimulates and strengthens metabolism
  • It firms and tones the muscles, the bone system, and your skin
  • Ultimately, it helps you get rid of cellulite and burn 160 calories in only half an hour of jumping up and down.
  • From a psychological point of view, it increases your energy levels and your vitality, not to mention that it offers you a “feel good” sentiment associated with childhood and child play.
  • Using the trampoline regularly increases your body coordination, sense of balance and overall motor skills.

Why is it better and More Efficient than Other Types of Exercises?

Using a trampoline for home exercises is of incredible low impact. Not many people can run, jog, pull weights or pull off complicated yoga positions. But jumping, bouncing and rebounding with the help of a trampoline are easy and don’t stress the body. The trampoline absorbs the shock inherent to your joints and strengthens your muscles and bones without your body feeling like a wreck. Don’t imagine for a second you won’t feel tired – on the contrary, your cardiovascular system will receive a run for its money –, but joints and pressure points will be protected.

How to Choose a Good Trampoline for Home Exercise?

Before purchasing a trampoline, make sure you have some criteria and quality standards all figured out:

  • Your home trampoline should be foldable, so you can hide it when you don’t need it and take it out the closet when you feel it’s time to burn some calories or give your brain a boost of happiness and self-confidence.
  • The trampoline should also be very sturdy and have its legs coated so it doesn’t scratch or damage your floor.
  • It should be able to hold its ground, endure heavy weight jumping and feature a safety pad along an all-steel frame construction.
  • It should be easy to move from the house to your backyard or the park and easy to clean and maintain.

A trampoline for home exercise is one of the best training partners a person can have. It will make you laugh, cheer and be happy while you strengthen your body and burn calories.

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