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Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review

Total Gym Cyclo Trainer / Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review

Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review
Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review

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The best thing about the line of Total Gym home fitness equipment is that you can upgrade nearly any model with a few simple additions. One of these additions is the Total Gym Cyclo Trainer, which gives you the ability to work out your lower body – more specifically, your abs, glutes and legs.

Workout Effectiveness

The Cyclo Trainer does a good job of strengthening your abs, glutes and legs, while at the same time making sure that minimal strain can be felt on the joints. Apart from strengthening and toning your lower body, the Cyclo Trainer can also be used for warming up as well as cardiovascular exercise purposes.


The Cyclo Trainer is compatible with all Total Gym models, including those that are currently on the market or have been discontinued.


You can pedal in a reclined position – similar to recumbent exercise bikes – whereby your back is fully supported by the Total Gym glide board. This is a great thing to have at your disposal, particularly when you feel like lying back and watching some TV as you work out.

Total training Guide DVD

The included DVD features 3 work-along programs with a plethora of tips and techniques as well as easy to follow instructions, so you can maximize your workout.

If you own a piece of Total Gym fitness equipment, you should already be familiar with Rob Glick and Rosalie Brown – who guide you along the way, ensuring that you have proper form and technique.

The workouts are challenging and have enough variety to keep things interesting.

Digital Monitor

The digital monitor, which is battery operated, is basic in its functionality but should be sufficient for most. The resistance level, distance, speed and time are all displayed. It would have been nice if Total Gym had included a calorie count, though.


The Total Gym Cyclo Trainer comes with a 6 month warranty.


26 x 21.2 x 9.2 inches

37.9 pounds

User Reviews

The Cyclo Trainer has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with users praising the bike’s ease of use, effectiveness, as well as the included DVD. However, one user states that a couple of things could be improved upon, such as the digital monitor.

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Any Complaints?

There are two things to complain about, although both are minor.
Firstly, the digital monitor could be a little brighter to make the feedback easier to read.
Secondly, it would have been nice to have had the option of choosing between batteries and being able to plug the unit into an electrical outlet.

Anything Else You Should Know?

All you need to know is that if you own any fitness equipment manufactured by Total Gym, the Cyclo Trainer would be a very welcome addition. Not to mention that it is certainly cheaper than purchasing a new piece of cardio equipment for your home.

Its strength lies in being able to boost your metabolism and burn more calories, both before and after your workout, thanks to giving you the ability to perform a variety of effective cardio exercises.

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Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review

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