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Best Commercial Treadmills – Treadmills for home with Comparisons | Top Treadmill buying guideProForm Power 795 Review

Best Commercial Treadmill Reviews 2017

Purchasing and utilizing a top treadmill can be one of the most practical wellness choices you can make. Physical fitness specialists advise treadmills more than any other piece of house workout devices. Treadmills are among the most common pieces of home exercise equipment purchased each year. Treadmills vary in price from $200 to over $15,000.

Given that treadmills are used extensively in physical fitness, the number of options are than any other physical fitness devices! This is good for the user but also a cause of confusion as the user now has to review a number of treadmills features and models before taking a decision.

Type of treadmills:

There are two kind of treadmills – normal and folding. Most treadmills are about 6.5 feet by 3 feet. The folding treadmills reduce in size when folded, about half the length. When buying a folding treadmill find out exactly how much space it will occupy after folding. You can plan for space accordingly. In addition plan for sufficient space around treadmill, to get on and off and for safety. Look for stability, ease of folding, weight capacity, and how easy it is to move.


There may be more that one individual in a family who are likely to use the treadmill. Ensure that the treadmill has enough power rating to to be used by all types users from low weight to heavy weight. Do not buy an under powered or low quality machine in case the average weight of user is on the higher side.

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The Treadbelt:

The size of the treadbelt is an important consideration for those looking to buy a treadmill. For maximum comfort, the walking and running surface of the deck should be at least 3/4″ thick. A thicker walking surface is more comfortable and minimizes the risk of injury to legs.

A buyer should look for at running area which is big enough for comfort and reduce risk of injury. A running are of at least 48″ long by 17″ wide is suggested. Look for a bigger are in case you plan to jog or run on treadmills. This will prevent you from accidentally slipping off. Persons who plan to only walk can do with a slightly smaller area. The belt must be wide enough and long enough for your stride. Tall persons should look for a longer running area. If you are over 5’10 and weigh over 250 pounds, you may need a treadmill with more stability and a longer running surface to match your stride.

The Motor:

The motor is an important part of a treadmill. It is its heart and soul. The motor of a treadmill should be large enough to move the treadbelt easily, efficiently and smoothly. Generally speaking, the larger the running surface of the treadmill the larger the motor should be.

Look for both the peak duty rating and the continuous duty rating of the treadmills motor. The continues duty rating depends on the weight of the person training on the treadmill. In any case a rating of 2.0 horse power can handle heavy weights. So most of the times there is no need to go beyond this rating.


Check for the the warranty period of the treadmill. It is an important factor. There may be separate warranty period for equipment and labor. Some treadmill manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on their motors. This period of warranty given by a manufacturer is a good indication of not only the quality of the motor but the quality of the treadmill itself. A two to three years warranty is a good indication.


These days treadmills have lots of high tech features. Docks for iPods, USB ports, wireless connectivity, Internet connectivity, heart rate monitor, pre-set and custom programs, user id / password to store data for individual users in families.


A treadmill must be stable and smooth. A shaky or jerky ride is unacceptable. Hand rails provide support while running or walking on the treadmill. They should feel sturdy and in a good position. They should be easy to grip and not block the arms motion.

What to Look for in Treadmills?

The process of buying fitness equipment is often one that is subject to your own personal taste. However, there are some standard criteria applied to buying treadmills that hold true for everyone.


The first, and perhaps most important consideration, is safety. Safety is a function of the sturdiness of the machine and its reliability. An average aluminum frame will not match the strength and durability of a steel frame made from solid steel alloy. Treadmills that make use of plastic composite parts in the mechanical portions should have at least high-quality plastic composite materials. Hand rails should be solid even as the treadmill is in use.

LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i Folding Treadmill Review


Price of the treadmill should also be considered. Expensive treadmills may run at a price of $3000 and above. This hefty price is due to some unnecessary electronic features that may contribute somewhat to the ease with which you can use the treadmill. However, the more important consideration in terms of features is the quality of the motor of the treadmill.

Manual treadmills:

There are manual treadmills that rely on the person using it to move the roller when you begin your routine. The process of gaining momentum on the treadmill to your appropriate pace may seem far too strenuous. Treadmills are at times powered with motors that can get your treadmill running already at a speed suitable to start with, and gradually increasing in speed to your target walking pace.

Treadmills $2000:

Even those treadmills priced at about $2000 should still be composed of high-quality parts. Obviously, the rollers and the belt of the treadmill will be subject to a lot of strain over time, and only high-quality parts will ensure that the life of the treadmill and its parts will last for a long time. Treadmills should at least appear new for a couple of years, with the exception of wear and tear from friction with your feet or your shoes. However, if any sort of unevenness in the track that you run on occurs some 6 months after it was bought, then you just got yourself a bad deal.

Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill Review

Sound & operation:

When the machine is in operation, it must not produce any sound that would imply loose parts. Most treadmills operate rather quietly, even as the rollers and the belts move along. This is not just a matter of taste, or a matter of not being disturbed as you listen to music, but more a matter of staying safe. The silence of the machine as it operates says a lot about the stability of the machine and its parts.
Once you’ve covered the basic requirements of durability, reliability, and safety, then you can already go and consider the other features.

Folding treadmills:

Treadmills offer a convenient way for those who have small home spaces to own a piece of fitness equipment. Folding treadmills must have sturdy hinges, and must be relatively easy to fold and set up. While folding treadmills may be heavy and difficult to actually set up, they still offer the opportunity for the treadmill to only occupy very scarce space during the amount of time that you are working out. These machines are also portable, which will allow the machine to become handy even when you move homes. Adjust ability of the inclines of the treadmill will also be convenient, as it would allow you to increase the difficulty of the workout as you please.

Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill Review


Multiple controls on the treadmill provide you the opportunity to get an accurate measure of your pulse as you workout, allow you to program variations in speed and incline as you workout, and even provide you space for your bottle of water or a reading material.
When buying a treadmill, do your homework and look for one that truly meets the right criterion.

Cheap vs Expensive vs What I Actually Need?

One of the first points to look at when matching the best treadmill to your needs, if whether you suffer from joint problems and/or injuries. Higher end treadmills offer special running surfaces that absorb impact and reduce the pressure on sensitive joints (achilles tendons, back muscles, knee joints, ankles, etc).

Below are some of our best reviewed treadmills. Use this to help you choose the best treadmill for your needs

PRICES RANGE: Under $500

Under $500 treadmills are usually not the best for running on, as the parts used in the manufacturing process can’t withstand the heavy impact and stress associated with running.

However, if you’re a walker or a jogger and are not too concerned with having a range of programs and/or incline levels at your disposal, then there is no real need to purchase anything that is more expensive, as the following treadmills certainly suffice for that purpose.

Running Treadmills buying guide

5.0 – ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

4.0 – ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate High Capacity  Treadmill

4.6 – ProForm ZT6 Treadmill Reviews

4.2  ProForm ZT4 Treadmill

4.2 – Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

4.4 Weslo Cadence R 5.2

+++ Top gear +++

4.1Merit Fitness 725T Plus

4.0Avari Magnetic Treadmill

4.0Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual


3.9Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill 

3.8Confidence Power Plus

3.7Exerpeutic TF1000

3.6Phoenix 98516

3.4Exerpeutic Fitness 350

3.3Merit Fitness 715T Plus

PRICES RANGE: $500-$999

Best Treadmills – Treadmill buying guide: Best Commercial Treadmills

in this price range treadmills offer the best value for money as they come equipped with a decent number of programs, incline levels, speeds, computer console functionality, and a few can even handle running.

Many of these models also feature a cushioning system, which makes your workout more comfortable by putting less impact on the joints.

4.0  ProForm ZT8 Treadmill Review

Treadmill Reviews , Treadmill Reviews 2017 , Best Commercial Treadmills , $500-$999 Treadmills

5.0ProForm 6.0 RT

4.2 – NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill Review

4.8LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

4.6Horizon Fitness T101-04

+++ Top gear

4.3LifeSpan TR1200i

4.2ProForm 505 CST

4.0LifeSpan Fitness TR200

3.8Exerpeutic 2000 WorkFit

3.3ProForm 590 T


Treadmill buying guide, Treadmill Reviews , Treadmill Reviews 2017 , Best Commercial Treadmills ,$1000+ Treadmills
Treadmill buying guide

$1000+ Treadmills are constructed from the highest quality parts and components, and are therefore likely to last for many years to come, in spite of being packed with a range of advanced technological features.

These treadmills all feature a very generous number of workout programs; incline levels; speeds; their warranty is unrivaled; all the information you could want to know as you work out is displayed on the computer monitor; and you can even run on these treadmills at full pace, which is something that you don’t get with cheaper models.

4.9LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i

4.8LifeSpan TR800-DT

+++ Top gear +++

4.5Reebok ZigTech 1410

4.2LifeSpan Fitness TR4000i

4.0Endurance T10HRC

3.8Sole Fitness F85  (by Sole fitness)

4.3 Sole F80 Treadmill

3.7Livestrong Fitness LS15.0T

3.7Bowflex TreadClimber TC10

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