TruPace E220 Elliptical Review

The TruPace E220 Elliptical was never a popular elliptical trainer until the company slashed the price from $1,500 to $1,000. While you might think that a $500 price drop is a good reason to question the quality of the product, you may be pleasantly surprised after taking a look at the following.

However, that isn’t to say that the E220 is perfect, but it’s certainly one of the better ellipticals in its price range.]


An 18” inch stride is typically reserved for high-end elliptical trainers, not ones that are priced below $1,000. An 18” stride is favorable because it means that whatever a person’s age or height may be, they are able to get a good, comfortable workout in – even if they are over 6 feet tall.

A reasonably priced elliptical trainer with 16 resistance levels is refreshing to see, as it means that both the fit and unfit, young and old, are able to work out in a way that is in line with their goals.


The TruPace E220 Elliptical comes equipped with 22 programs, including a heart rate recovery and body fat test which is able to reduce the likelihood that you will get bored, as you will not have to repeat the same monotonous regime on a daily basis. This is excellent for varying your workout and helping you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.


The display monitors everything you would expect from an elliptical, including calories burned, heart rate, distance, watts, time and speed – all on an easy to read, clear LCD display.


While the E220 has many things going for it, the MP3 support is our favorite aspect. Simply connect your MP3 player to the in-built sound system to enjoy a more entertaining workout. While some people prefer not to listen to music as they work out, there are many others that do (us included), which is why we thought this is an important thing to note.


The TruPace E220 Elliptical comes with a lifetime frame and 1 year parts and labor warranty.


64.8 x 24.8 inches

116 pounds


The E220 has been very well received since its release, with users stating that it’s very sturdy when in operation, delivers a smooth elliptical motion, and provides an effective workout.

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There isn’t much to complain about. It would be nice if a water bottle holder was included, so you could replenish liquids as you work out, but this is a minor inconvenience. The trainer is quite light – 116 lbs – so if you weigh more than 275-300 lbs this specific model may not be right for you.


If you weigh less than 275 lbs and don’t mind the lack of a water bottle holder, it would be difficult to find another elliptical trainer that is as good as the TruPace E220 for the price. To be honest, while the E220 is a quality elliptical, we feel that it is not worth the retail price ($1,599), however, we certainly feel for under $1,000 it’s a steal.

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