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Valeo Medicine Ball Review

Valeo Medicine Ball
Valeo Medicine Ball

Valeo Medicine Ball Review

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Most people remember those medicine balls from high school P.E. Classes and those hours they wasted standing in a circle passing these weighted balls around and around in a circle, or tossing them back and forth. Those simple, boring exercisers while being meant to provide at least some conditioning and muscle building ending up making most people feel that a medicine ball was a useless piece of equipment that only allows for the most basic and boring of exercises. However, this impression couldn’t be further from the truth, as medicine balls when used properly can be an incredibly versatile, useful, and fun piece of exercise equipment. The Valeo Medicine ball, is well made and popular medicine ball, that are used in fitness centers, rehab facilities, and home gyms.

Features of the Valeo Medicine Ball

The Valeo medicine balls has several features that be extremely helping when being used as part of a fitness program. These features include:

  • These balls comes in various weights and sizes including 4-6-8-10 and 12 pound balls
  • Help develop and strengthen a number of muscles including those all important core muscles
  • helps to improve strength, co-ordination and fine tune your balance
  • Textured finish makes it easy to catch and hang onto the ball while exercising
  • Includes a wall chart actually showing you specific exercises you can do with this ball.

Additional Information

One of the great things about a medicine ball is that it can be for individual fitness and for getting the entire family involved in fitness. While tossing that medicine ball back and forth during those high school P.E. Classes, playing catch with a light weight medicine ball with your children will get them started on fitness in a fun way.

Medicine balls can be used for working out your core muscles, triceps, legs and other parts of your your body. They can be used when doing push ups, sit up, lunges and a number of other exercises adding a bit more resistance to these types of workouts.

Users Take

Overall, people who purchased the Valeo medicine ball like the versatility of this ball for doing a number of different exercises and find it helpful in both strengthening and toning their muscles and adding a less boring element to many standard fitness exercises. Features users most like about this medicine ball includes:

  • Great Quality- Most users find that the Valeo medicine ball is of the same quality as the medicine balls they have used in their fitness centers. They find the ball extremely well balanced and durable allowing them to use their medicine ball as part of an ongoing fitness routine.
  • Easy Grip Surface- Users also like the material covering the outside of this medicine ball as it provides an easy grip surface that they can hold onto even when perspiring from a heavy workout.
  • Ease of use- One the biggest benefits people have found using this medicine ball is just how easy it is to use. This ball can be used instead of free weights to work the tricep, and core muscles groups and even the legs. Because the ball is weighted simply holding the ball out in front of you and lifting it over your head doing reps can help to strengthen muscles and burn a few calories.
  • The Exercise Poster- Users also like the exercise poster that comes with this medicine ball because it not only shows them various exercises they can do with the ball, but also allows them to keep a constant check to ensure that they are using the correct form when exercising with the ball.

While a medicine ball is certainly not a mandatory piece of equipment for a home gym, it’s versatility and portability makes it a good addition to any home gym whether large or small.

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