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Velocity Rowing MachinesVelocity Fitness is part of CAP Barbell, which is “one of the oldest and largest fitness products suppliers in the world.” The company’s rowers have a few things going for them, namely their technological features, and suffer from very few issues. This has made the company a favorite with consumers, and it is rare to find many people with anything negative to say against the company.


Programs – There may be rowers that come with more built-in programs, but Velocity has still managed to do a good job in providing a good number of programs, considering the price point their machines retail at.

Quiet Operation – Velocity rowers are popular with apartment dwellers and those with families because they are very quiet in operation. This also means that there is no need to turn the music or television up as you work out either.

Heart Rate Monitor – More expensive rowers, such as those from First Degree Fitness, do not come with heart rate monitor chest straps, requiring you to purchase one separately if you want to measure your pulse or work out in your target heart rate zone. This isn’t the case with Velocity machines.

Warranty – Velocity rowers are backed by good warranties for mid-priced rowing machines. A 5 year frame, 90-day monitor and 30-day all other parts warranty is typical.


No On/off switch – The way in which there is no On/Off switch may annoy some people. Instead, you have to wait a few minutes for the machine to switch off automatically.


Contact Information

Corporate Office
P.O. Box 42213
Houston, TX 77242-2213

Phone: (877) 227-0955

Email: CustomerService@CAPBarbell.com

Official Website: www.velocityexercise.com