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Waist Trimmers for Weight Loss: Do They Really Work?

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waist trimmers for weight loss

Waist trimmers are the latest fad in the never-ending frenzy of losing weight without dieting or exercising and celebrities like the Kardashians or Jessica Alba put them into the spotlight as of late. They are, in fact, corset-like garments said to help you lose belly fat and regain an hourglass figure – especially in women. However, doctors and sports specialists consider that losing fat is about numbers, not magic: in order to shed one pound of fat a week, you need to cut off 3,500 calories either through diet or exercise. The waist trimmers don’t burn said calories, even if they make you sweat. So how good are they for weight loss and what are their advantages after all?

Waist Trimmers Help You Lose Water Weight

The preferred way of making the best out of a pro stomach wrap waist trimmer ab belt is to put it on before you start exercising. By trapping the heat inside your body – as you wrap your belly in this girdle-corset belt – you will raise your core body temperature which in turn makes you sweat more – or this is how waist trainers are advertised. Losing body fluids, however, isn’t the same with losing weight. You may notice some changes on the weight scale, but as soon as you drink a glass of water, those differences will vanish. One benefit of using waist trimmers during a workout is that they help you detox better, but as health specialists say, these achievements are time-limited and reversible.

Waist Trimmers Help You Shape Your Silhouette

Just like corsets meant to slim a woman’s waistline and enhance her bust, waist trimmers do indeed make your figure look slimmer depending on how tight you wrap yourself in them. Many men and women wear the belt under casual clothes every day to look slimmer and perhaps lose some weight while at the office. The problem is – just like with old-school Scarlett O’Hara’s corsets – that the slimming effects last only a few hours. The effect is not permanent and your body comes back to its initial shape. This is why specialists recommend women to put on their waist trimmer and wear it under dresses at formal events. Not all human bodies act the same and if you wear the waist trimmer hours before the event you might realize in horror that your belly and love handles are back in the game in the middle of the party.

As a secondary benefit, waist trimmers do indeed fix a person’s posture as long as they are worn – but then again, once you take them off, your body tends to return to its shape and posture quite fast. Even if you create the illusion of being a few inches slimmer and walking with your head high and your back straight, the effects are only temporary.

So Does the Waist Trimmers for Weight Loss Really Work?

The American Council on Exercise and health experts from Mayo Clinic are pretty clear on the subject: spot reduction is a myth worth billion of dollars. Since belly fat is really hard to shake off through dieting and exercise, it is not likely it will miraculously disappear with the help of a belt. The waist trainers do help with sweating, but they need to be part of a larger and more complex picture which includes dieting (those 3,500 calories have to be cut off), intense workout designed for weight loss, plenty of lifestyle changes (including sleep habits, water drinking, stress levels’ control, emotion control to avoid binge-eating etc) and a daily disciplined schedule to include them all – also designed with the help of your doctor or a specialized nutritionist.

Waist trainers have their advantages and their limitations. As long as we can differentiate among them and choose a high-quality waist trimmer for what it does and not what we hope it will do, we can all enjoy more satisfactory workouts and better quality of life.

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