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Water Rower Rowing MachinesWaterRower, designed by a Yale and US National Team Rower called John Duke in 1998, manufacture some of the very best rowing machines on the market. For this reason, the company’s rowers do not come cheap. Strengths include construction quality, water-based resistance systems and technological features, although it’s fair to say that the warranty could be improved upon.


Construction Quality – WaterRower appears to take great pride in the way it manufactures its machines. All of the company’s machines are handcrafted in America, use the finest Appalachian hardwoods, and are hand finished with Danish Oil.

Water-Based Resistance – Rowing machines designed with air acting as the resistance tend to be jarring, uneven and jerky, which is why WaterRower opt to use a water-based resistance system that uses a slow-moving heavy mass to generate a smooth rowing motion. The verdict? One of the smoothest, most natural rowing motions on the market.

Computer Monitor – According to WaterRower, the goal was to “create a performance monitor that would be able to capture user-friendliness coupled with technical sophistication.” It appears that the company succeeded, as the computer monitors are intuitive, accurate and display a wide range of workout data.


Expensive – There’s no doubt that WaterRower machines are expensive, which is why you would have to be serious about rowing to even consider purchasing one.

Warranty – With the typical warranty standing at 5 years on the frame and 3 years on the parts, we are a little disappointed. Considering the high price of the WaterRower machines, we expected a little better. For example, a lifetime frame warranty would bring the company in line with other high-end manufacturers.


Contact Information

19 Acton Park Estate, The Vale
London, England
W3 7QE

Phone: +44 (0)20 8749 9090

Official Website: www.waterrower.co.uk