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Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

The Weider Ultimate body works is a budget priced and adjustable incline bench with a pulley on each side and 4 adjustable resistance bands. It’s updated version of Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym. It also includes free motion cables, sit up/high handle and a rolling seat. The Ultimate body workout is designed to develop muscles throughout the body and to allow users to get a complete workout simply and easily. While you can use weights with this bench, none are needed as weight resistance is achieved by your own body weight and the resistance bands that come with the bench. The Ultimate body works lacks any technological features, but none are actually needed. We find that the fairly low weight capacity of this machine makes it inaccessible to a large number of users who could benefit from using this bench for weight loss.  We also feel that the warranty of this bench could be better.

This bench folds up for save space when storing or not in use.

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The Ultimate body works uses your own weight for resistance and has resistance bands to increase the weight resistance to 50 pounds.  You also get more resistance by increasing the incline of the bench.


The Ultimate Body Works offers users a comfortable way to work out. The padded bench has enough padding not to cause pain or discomfort when kneeling or plate.  The smooth gliding bench makes it possible to get a smooth and steady workout.  The bench is sturdy and stable so you won’t feel like you are slipping or sliding around or that the bench will lift up if most of your weight is one end of the bench.

ProgramsWeider Ultimate Body Works

While there are no actual programs for the Ultimate Body Works you can do over 50 different exercises using this bench.  You may want to get a chart that shows the different exercises you can do using this bench  so that you can get the benefit of the working out all the different areas of your body.


This bench does not come with any computer or console and none is needed.

DimensionsWeider Ultimate Body Works Review

This workout bench measures 71” X 25.5” X 49.5” and weighs a total of 80 pounds.

Weight Capacity

The Ultimate Body Works is designed for users weighing 250 pounds or less.  While some heavier users do state that they use this bench without any issues, however we do not recommend that users exceed the weight limit as it may result in preventing this bench from functioning, as it should.  We do understand that the weight limit for this bench is much lower than other benches of this type prohibiting a good many users from being able to take advantage of this benches lower price point.


The warranty for this workout bench is 90 days for both parts and labor.  While we do feel the warranty is reasonable for a piece of equipment at this price, we still wish it was a little longer to help inspire confidence in potential consumers.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Reviews from usersWeider Ultimate Body Works Review

Users really like the Weider Ultimate Body Works workout bench and find it extremely easy to use. They find this machine extremely stable and they really like the cable system that makes this bench run smoothly and easily. Users find this bench strengthens their muscles and is easy to use. They like the fact that the angels adjust form 10 to 28 degrees and provides them with an all over body workout strengthen various muscles groups and increasing the users stamina. Users really like that this workout bench functions much like other bench twice or three times their price.

The resistance bands are an added addition to this bench that users really like and some users like the fact that this bench folds for easy storage.  Users also like the fact that this bench is about the third of the cost of other workout benches of this type.

ComplaintsWeider Ultimate Body Works Review

Surprisingly, while there are a few complaints regarding the Wider Ultimate Body Works these complaints are relatively minor. A few people complain that they have difficult with the incline knob jamming. Others complaint that bolts loosen over time and need to be tightened.

In addition, the lower weight capacity of this bench compared to other benches of this type is something that a good number of the population is going to find makes this bench prohibitive for them to use.

ConclusionWeider Ultimate Body Works Review

If you are looking for a workout bench that is dependable and affordable then the Weider Ultimate Body Works may be worth considering. This bench appears to offer users the opportunity to work on improving the muscle strengthen in various parts of the body. It also is great for resistance training.


Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

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