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Yowza elliptical trainer reviews

Yowza Elliptical Trainer ReviewsYowza is a unique in the way that the company itself is based in Bonita Springs, Florida; the designs in Fort Lauderdale; and the manufacturing process in Taiwan. While some consumers may be put off the brand when they see that their machines are manufactured in Taiwan, you should know that they are built to a much higher standard of quality when compared to countries like China, and are not far behind the USA.


Highly Adjustable – As the stride on Yowza’s ellipticals can be adjusted from anywhere between 18 inches all the up to an unheard of 32 inches, all users, regardless of age, height, and weight are able to find a machine that is ideal for their physical characteristics.

Total Body Workout – Due to Yowza’s patented Counter-Rotational Core Motion, users are able to work out their entire body, including the obliques, abs, and Serratus anterior on the upper body to name just a few.

Rear-Drive System – Yowza’s line of elliptical trainers incorporate a rear drive system, which is beneficial for two reasons. They deliver a higher degree of reliability and the stride motion feels more natural and thus comfortable.


Relatively New – Compared to some other manufacturers, Yowza is a relatively young company, so how their machines will hold up over 10-20 years is anyone’s guess.

Limited Availability – It’s highly unlikely that you will find one of Yowza’s ellipticals in a bricks and mortar store, which comes as a disadvantage if you want to get a feel of the machine before you buy.


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Sales: 1-877-969-9240
Support: 1-877-969-9240
Official Website: www.yowzafitness.com